With the legalization of both medicinal and recreational cannabis in many states throughout the country many entrepreneurs are wondering how best to launch their own line of cannabis products. Whether you are contemplating launching an edible product, a beverage or something smokeable the bottom line is the same, your product must be well branded to stand out in the marketplace.

Here are some questions to help you get started creating a unique and memorable brand for your cannabis company:

1.     Who is my target market? Understanding your target market and finding a unique niche for your brand is a must. Is your product targeted towards medicinal users who are suffering from a medical condition, or recreational users? What age demographic will be best suited to your product? Does your cannabis product skew towards a specific age group or gender?

2.     What makes your product unique? This is an important question to answer and can directly effect the look and feel you want your cannabis branding to have.

3.     Where will your product be sold? Understanding the retail market for your cannabis product and how it will be shelved and dispensed is an important aspect and will affect how your branding hierarchy and messaging should be designed.

4.     What packaging will be used for your product? When developing branding the size, substrate and shape of your packaging can play a big role. For instance if you have small package but a long brand name you may want to run the name vertically along your package instead of horizontally so you can maximize the size of your branding.

5.     Beyond the design of the logo for your cannabis product the branding encompasses all other materials that create the unique personality of your brand. Thinking thru how the brand will be portrayed in your messaging, on your website and in social media is an important part of making your brand distinguishable and consistent.

These are just a few of the considerations for launching your cannabis brand. Need help designing your branding or packaging, defining your messaging or creating your website? Second Nature is a fully integrated branding and design agency focused on the cannabis industry.  Contact us here for more information.