Many of us in the cannabis industry are holding our breath for the November 8th elections in California where Proposition 64, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use will be voted on.  While California has allowed for medicinal marijuana use with the use of a medical marijuana card for sometime now, recreational use would thrust California into a whole new ball park. States such as Colorado, Washington and Alaska have already legalized recreational marijuana use but California's economy is so large that sales are estimated to be $1 billion compared to Colorado's $135 million.  

So we ask ourselves...what does this mean for cannabis entrepreneurs? From our perspective the time is now. As soon as the legislation passes thousands of companies will jump into the action trying to stake out a claim. Those that are going to rise to the top and actually be viable are those that are serious about their products. And we don't mean just the highest quality cannabis. Branding and packaging will play a key role in creating professional looking products that stand out in a soon to be very crowded marketplace. Players like Bloom Farms and Kiva Confections are already making a name for themselves with  professionally blog worthy branding and design that measures up to any other product category. Often branding and packaging are an after thought for start up brands and many entrepreneur don't budget enough for design which is what your customers are going to see first. You should estimate anywhere between $2500 and $10,000 for your branding and packaging design depending on what type of product you are selling and how many different products you have. Getting customers to see your product in a store and want to try it are the key functionality of your branding and packaging design and are the drivers for making your product stand out.  

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